Solstice Arts Centre presents


OutWall Friday 17th September 7pm 

20 minute outdoor performance followed by a wine and cheese reception and informal meet and greet with Selma Daniel (Creator)

Admission is free but pre-booking necessary. Limited places 

OutWall is dance theatre performance for public spaces that investigates the challenges of being inside the walls during lockdown and re-exploring our new freedom outside, through architecture and dance

We live surrounded by physical and invisible walls, so many walls that rose throughout human history, political walls, social walls, emotional walls.. We are protected and divided by these walls. These solid structures that still rise between us. China walls, Ireland’s Medieval castle walls, the poetic ‘The Wall’ of Pink Floyd to the wall that I create for you,  there is one wall that we all have been experiencing since March 2020, the pandemic wall… the walls of our homes, the wall of social distance and the walls of divided nations. Reflecting upon human survival and the skills needed to become a dominant species, I wonder how can we narrow these gaps.- Selma Daniel

Presented by Meath County Council Arts Office under the Local Live Performance Scheme in association with Solstice Arts Centre

Concept & Choreography: Selma Daniel

Original music: Andre Antunes

Costume Designer: Selma Daniel & LaurA Fajardo Castro

Dancer/Colaborator: Simone O’Toole

Dancer/Colaborator: Emmanuel Dirocie

Young Dancers from Dance Force Academy Trim co. Meath: Emily Martin & Chloe Bell

Mentor: Ana Catarina Vieira

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