‘A poetic dance theatre performance with adults and children that celebrates the diversity of modern families’. Read more.

OutWall is a dance theatre performance for public spaces that investigates the challenges of being inside the walls during the lockdown and re-exploring our new freedom outside, through architecture and dance. Read more.

Come with Joy and Sky into a world where everything is possible. A-do-le-TA! Is a dance theatre piece that joyously explores friendship and play for children aged 3 – 6. Read more.

Although we are part of nature we often forget it. Due to modern living, we do not use some of our instincts on an everyday basis, resulting in ‘absent instincts’. Read more.

Inside Things is a solo dance piece, accompanied by a guitar player.

This piece investigates movement which is initiated from articulation in the body. It explores the possibilities and details that skeletal joints offer both separated and combined. Read more.

This piece is about a woman who struggles to maintain her identity and uniqueness under media influences which dictate stereotypes of beauty shaping the world’s perception of itself. Read more.

Stuck in the Past is an abstract dance video shot at King John’s Castle, Limerick City, Ireland this project emerged as a cultural concept from an idea related to exploring Ireland’s heritage. Read more.

A Toast is a site specific solo dance made in 2010, commissioned by Maximun Exposure Festival, Waterford, Ireland. Read more.