Although we are part of nature we often forget it. Due to modern living, we do not use some of our instincts on an everyday basis, resulting in ‘absent instincts’.

In Absent Instincts director and choreographer Selma Daniel and her dancers/collaborators look at the questions; what does contact with nature mean to you?, how far is modern living taking us from our essence?, do we really need so much external intervention to carry out tasks that have been done by mankind for millionaires?
For instance, a strong example of disconnection with our own bodies and nature is the increased culture of women who do not believe in their ability while giving birth. Obstetric myths have created a culture of fear and disbelief in women, making women hand the hospital their empowered gift of birthing a baby.
In Absent Instincts, Selma Daniel shows the poetic investigation of diving into your own essence, disconnection from people and nature and finding harmony.


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Supported by Dance Ireland and Brazilian Embassy Dublin.

Selma Daniel

Devi Anna

Robson Rocha

Aliina Lindroos
Katia Pagni
Verbena Cartaxo
Selma Daniel

Peter Gibney
Paul Cronin

Light Moves Festival 2014

Dance Film

8:45 min

Karen Stain