Joy loves running, spinning and flying in nature.
Sky loves reading, singing and gaming indoors.
A-do-le-TA! is a dance theatre piece that joyously explores friendship and play for children aged 3 – 6.
About the work

A-do-le-TA! is a piece based on the importance of play, especially free play during early childhood. Digging into the fine line between the contemporary life, where electronic play now has a huge role, and the natural instinctive play deep-rooted in human nature. Although digital media and technology has benefits, excessive use of electronic media can have a negative impact on wellbeing and mental health. For this piece Selma daniel explored this fine line through dance. 

A highly imaginative and slightly abstract piece A-do-le-TA! shows a day in the life of two friends. Come with Joy and Sky into a world where everything is possible – a tent can be a crab, an umbrella can be a cloud and the moon can sing! Through play two friends overcome differences and together imagine, create and expand their reality and yours.

What does A-do-le-TA! mean?

Adoleta from the French Andouilette also called adoletá or adotecá (in Portugal, Um-Do-Li-Tá) is a Brazilian children’s hand clapping game where participants in a circle, clap hands with each other and sing the song Adoleta. Brought to Brazil during the French immigration, originally a French children’s song was adapted over time as children had difficulty pronouncing the french lyrics. Adoleta is a popular children’s game in Brazil to this day. 








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29th May at Toddlers Take Over

Draiocht Theatre, Dublin IE

Dance Theatre Show

40 min

Family, children from 3 y/o


4/5 people

Selma Daniel

Sarah Ryan & Deirdre Griffin

Paddy Groenland

Sabine Dargent

Sabine Dargent

Sebastian Pizarro

Raymond Keane

Mitzi D’Alton

Lisa Mahony

Sue Crawford

Ste Murray

Luca Truffarelli