Hi guys,

I hope you are all good.

This month I’ll be in residence at DanceHouse working on a new short Screen Dance project. Please follow this blog, I’ll keep you up to date with the process; thoughts, reflections, sneak peek, backstage adventures and more. You can find a bit of information below, about the concept and who is collaborating with this project.

Talk soon, Selma.

For this project I’m looking at the questions, what does the contact with nature mean to oneself?

How far is this modern/contemporary living taking us from our essence?

Do we really need so much external intervention to carry out tasks that have been done by mankind for millionaires?

This and other questions will be part of Selma’s process in the studio, with collaboration from dancers Claudia Sanger and Katia Pagni and musician Robson Rocha.

This project is supported by the Dance Ireland Residency programme and Brazilian Embassy.

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