Afro-Brazilian Dance is a cultural dance class including the most internationally well know Samba from Rio de Janeiro, but also other dances emerged from the mixture of Afro Culture with indigenous and Europeans influences, such as Gafieira, Orixás Dances, Ginga de Capoeira and Samba Reggae.

In order to accommodate this rhythmical richness, Afro-Brazilian dance has as its main characteristics the rapid marking of the rhythm by the feet, and free and independent movements of arms, chest, head and hips.

Whisked along by a contagious rhythm, this style of dance is a great opportunity for the classes’ participants to relieve tensions through spending the necessary energy to make the movements.

In Brazil dance is something really spontaneous and which may happen at almost any time, and so during the class, we try to build an environment of inclusion, where the opportunity to learn is given to all, without needing to fear to make mistakes. Moreover, one of the classes’ objectives is to build confidence!

The technique, however, is not forgotten. Through the class the students will be trained to develop corporal expression, rhythmic perception and motor coordination, acquiring or widening in this way better control of and extension of their movements, as well as the capacity to improvise.