Inside Things is a solo dance piece, accompanied by a guitar player.

This piece investigates movement which is initiated from articulation in the body. It explores the possibilities and details that skeletal joints offer both separated and combined. It follows an analytical process of the natural patterns and progressions that emerge also redirecting these patterns in order to convey the subject ‘contemporary disorders’ such as exaggerated ambitions, boredom and loss of self.  These combine to create a critical approach to the philosophy of being and having.

To produce restless movements, Selma works with the collaboration of the musician and composer Robson Rocha, who composed and arranged the music for this dance piece based on given tasks related to ‘contemporary disorders’.


Choreography & Performance: 

Music Composition & Performance:



Staff on tour:

Selma Daniel

Robson Rocha

Ewa Figaszewska

20 min